Joyce Omondi Waihiga: A Woman That Wears Many Hats

If you thought a fine woman could only be one thing, you must meet Joyce, a gospel Musician cum TV Host Full Circle With Joyce (Switch TV) cum Strategic Communication Consultant and her background in international development. With 3 albums under her belt, the award-winning musician has 575k+ followers on social media with an active YouTube channel about to hit 80k subscribers. We spent the morning with Joyce and quite frankly, we still cannot figure out where she gets the time!

What is your favorite Vivo outfit?

Currently, I’m into dressing in layers so the wraps are really working for me right now. Even on a normal day, I go for the wraps and waterfalls because they suit my style.

Who introduced you to Vivo and how did you thank them?

I remember back in the day, Vivo used to do a lot of fitness outfits. When I was looking for yoga pants and workout clothes, I would go to Vivo. I transitioned with them as they continued to expand and now, here we are. A Vivo outfit can be versatile. I wear them anywhere; from a casual hangout with the girls to an office meeting. If it works, it works.

What is the last outfit you bought from Vivo. And, thanks for the love. ☺️We feel it. So, also, why do you like us so much?

First, it definitely had to be a waterfall. A black long-sleeved waterfall that I absolutely love and go with everywhere. I love Vivo because they cater to curvy women while still making them look elegant. The clothes fit just right without making me look scandalous. The stretchy fabric is great for and on curves. I also love the double layering of some of the outfits.

One thing we do not know about Joyce would be …

I’ll pass. The whole point of something being unknown is for it to remain unknown, intentionally. I honestly feel like I have already revealed enough from all the numerous other interviews I’ve done along the way. 😉


  • Roselyne

    You’re my role model.Love you Joyce.😘

  • Roselyne

    You’re my role model.I ly you Joyce

  • Hellen Datcha

    I love your Switch TV show, full circle with Joyce, especially how to detect toxic friends,I have some in my life and I have to forget about them completely, keep it up Joyce, good job.

  • Caleb Kiliopa

    IAM so happy that you are married to wahiga kindly don’t be like Betty kyllo I enjoy your programe on switch tv I pray God you join citezen tv

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