Stay Young, Fun and Stylish!

Happy new month VIVO woman! Last month, we celebrated the International Youth Day on the 12th of August. Before you declare yourself old, let's take a look at what exactly it means to be youthful... in Vivo terms ;-)


  • characterized by youth; young.
  • of, relating to, or befitting youth:

youthful enthusiasm.

  • having the appearance, freshness, vigor, etc., of youth:

She is 60 but her optimism has kept her youthful.

  • in an early period of existence; early in time.

Who is the first person you think of when you hear the word ´youthful?´ J-Lo? Halle Berry? Kathy Kyuna´s baby face? Patricia Kihoro and her mum? Here at VIVO, it has nothing to do with age as a number and everything to do with joyful living, an inspiring attitude and laughter lines. It is about your vibrant energy - the kind that inspires you to open yourself up to trying new things/style, - spirit and having the look of a woman who loves and cares for herself. A radiance born out of being vivacious. Nothing encourages a woman to shake up her style like a store filled with clothes. That, and color.

Youthful is being in the prime of your life, growing where you have been planted and are in full bloom. Whether it seems like starting over for the 3rd or even 17th time because youthful women are present to their own life. This is why generations of VIVO women can find their uniqueness in our stores and online. We love that the 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and even 80-year-old VIVO woman has found her own refreshing style from our stores, both online and bricks and mortar. Whoever they are and whatever they do. Don't be surprised to find a mason jar or 2 of green juice may be involved!

This is the part where we recommend you to visit our site and find ideas on how to look 5 to 10 years younger. Would it surprise you to know there are just about as many ways to look, feel and be youthful as there are vibrant women? We settled for 10.

  1. Show off your shoulders.
  2. Remember the LBD? How about a colorful bodycon in bold colors such as red, blue, green or even white version of the same? Just below the knee works wonders and a trendy midi length is magic.
  3. Wear ankle boots instead of the usual classic pump. In fact, we encourage a shoe fetish!
  4. Feminine tops and dresses with a touch of Ankara make your stand out.
  5. Buy fitted curve-skimming outfits. Not the same thing as tight clothes.
  6. Get fitted for your bras and do not be afraid of shapewear aka invisible underwear. They make everything sit on you better.
  7. Every woman needs four dresses: an A-line dress, a sheath dress, a shift dress, and a wrap dress.
  8. Note to self: get a pair of red heels. And a tube of red lipstick.
  9. Say yes to that crop top with a high waist skirt or pants.
  10. Choose bottoms with stretch fabric. See our culottes and cigarette pants.

How about you? What keeps you feeling young and light on your feet? We would love to know. Share by emailing us at We would love to hear from you!

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