The 10 Wardrobe Basics Every Girl Needs

You might be a pro at jumping on fashion trends but how are your basics? Here's the thing, the more basics you have, the better your chances of mixing and matching your outfits, this also means the better you can get creative with styling your outfits. Basics allow you to have items that can be styled fuss-free every day, and the best part - you get intentional about your fashion purchases.

So here’s a list of the 10 basics you need in your wardrobe ASAP.

The White Button-down Shirt

white button down shirt

If you are on Instagram you may have seen a ton of reels on weekly outfit ideas. You might have noticed that most tend to have a basic white button-down shirt. This is because a white button-down shirt is and will remain a classic.

You can dress it up with your favorite pair of jeans and heels and still dress it down with some sneakers. This piece is so versatile that you can still pair it with your favorite mini skirt and break it down at the club. 

The Plain Tee

white t shirt

Plain tees are a definite wardrobe must-have. A white or black tee can allow you to create so many different outfits for different styles. Wanna look casual and cute? Dress your white tee in your favorite denim jeans and some sneakers. Dressing up for a date with the girls? Team up your white tee with a slip skirt and some clear heels. 

The Perfect Jeans

denim jeans
We will be the first ones to admit, no one style of jeans is perfect for everyone.
Your favorite style may depend on your body type (learn how to dress your body type here). Whichever style you prefer is what you need. Invest in a good pair of jeans that will last you a long time. 

The Body Suits.


Bodysuits have become a wardrobe staple and we are not surprised. This piece is especially perfect for your workwear outfits. It’s so good we would recommend you take it in different colors but especially a white and black bodysuit.

The Little Black Dress

little black dress

Is your wardrobe complete without a little black dress? An LBD is perfect for those days you wanna look effortlessly good.

The Tank Top

tank top

Tank tops are great for layering beneath your work blazers, oversized shirts, and jackets. They are quick to wear and comfortable. They also come in different colors (invest in a black one first if you have to choose, then add others from there).

The Leggings

zetu basic leggings

Leggings are some of the most comfortable pants you can have. They are made of a buttery smooth fabric that stretches while still making you look fabulous. Leggings are perfect for lounging in the house and even for working out. 

The Leather Jacket

 leather jacket

leather jacket is a classic must-have. It’s easy to layer on top of almost every outfit and will keep you stylishly warm any day. 

The Perfect Blazer


Blazers are of different lengths and the one you prefer might be different. The key is picking the right one for you. A black blazer is a good starting point.


umoja sneakers

Sneakers are becoming more popular by the day. This is because they go well with almost all outfits. But most importantly they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

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