5 Of Our Favorite Kenyan, Modest Fashion Icons

A whole community is building up around modest fashion with people from all religious and socio-cultural backgrounds embracing modest fashion pieces as everyday wear. We feature some of our favorite modest fashion icons who always manage to creatively layer their pieces with statement accessories and colourful headwraps.

1. Ibtisam Habib aka Hijabeefied

When we're not glued to her engaging stories; we're often awed by her simple yet elegant style that is quite unique. We partnered with her for one of our very first modest collection - HijabeefiedxVivo - a travelling Kimono collection that captured her love for fashion and travelling.

2. Queen Nabilah

Nabilah gives a modern touch to all her outfits by using bold colours and fun, stylish accessories to create looks that stand out, not to mention how photogenic she is.

3. Farah Khaleck

Self love will always be the first step to looking and feeling beautiful. Body positivity ambassador, Farah Khaleck uses her online platforms to encourage others to be confident and embrace their beauty. Following a long season of struggling to love herself after a Scleroderma diagnosis, she says that she felt beautiful again after she put on her hijab.

4. Ameena Abdul

Serial entrepreneur Ameena has always loved fashion so much that she has managed to successfully build her brand around it. Her well known, modest fashion boutique is a sight to behold as it houses unique, quality pieces that have everyone talking.

5. Yaska

If aesthetic feeds are anything to go by, then content creator Yasmin, takes the trophy. Her organized and well thought-out Instagram feed is the place to be when you need some modest fashion inspiration. From floral print dresses to nude colour layers and simple jeans/blouse co-ords - her fashion style covers it all.

All images, pieces and styling are owned and done by the models.

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