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Shop Zetu Terms and Conditions.

Welcome to Shop Zetu!

We hope you enjoy shopping on our site! Just before you get started we had a couple of terms and conditions we wanted to let you know about. Please note, by using the website, you are accepting our terms and conditions as well as our Privacy Policy, whether or not you create an account or shop with us. The terms and conditions are important to help us understand what we expect from each other as well as to give you any information that you may need. You can visit our help page as well which may answer more of your questions. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to our customer care team – we would love to hear from you.

Here is what we thought you should know about.

About Us

www.shopzetu.com.com is a site operated by Shop Zetu Limited. We are registered in Nairobi Kenya, and our offices are located at Baba Dogo Road, Spectrum Business Park. Our email address is support@shopzetu.com

About You

To shop with us, you need to:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have a credit or debit card that we accept and
  • be authorized to use that credit or debit card (e.g. it is in your name or you have permission to use it).
  • Have a registered personal M-Pesa Account. Should you not have a registered account, you may need to have permission to use the M-Pesa account you would like to pay with.

Service availability and Order Placement.

Once you place an order, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your order. Our online sales team will then carry out a standard pre-authorization check. Should you be paying through a card, a quick confirmation on the card and the amount on the card is done. We accept your order once payment has been approved and we have debited the payment on the card.

When paying through M-Pesa, we cross-check the amount paid on our end together with the payment code that is generated. The code will also be printed and showcased on your email receipt.

Making orders through the website.

When you make an order through the website, should you not be happy with what you ordered, you may cancel your order within 24 hours. You cannot change your order. You will have to cancel your order and have the original items returned (if delivered) and then you can re-order for a new item.

All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the order price. Don’t worry, if there’s an issue with an order, we’ll get in touch with you.

When making an order, please ensure that all the details that you provide to us are true and accurate.

Prices and Product Descriptions

From time to time our team may make the mistake of adding a price on the website or describing a product or a promotion wrongly. We do our best to make sure we are on top of things, however, mistakes may be made. If we discover an error for any goods that you have ordered, our customer care team will reach out to you ASAP and give you the option of reconfirming the order (at the right price) or canceling it. Should we realize the mistake after you have already bought the item, we will do our best to reach out to you and inform you of the error and offer you a credit note or gift voucher for the excess amount.


Once you place an order on the website, you are given various delivery options to choose from including the estimated delivery time and dates, depending on your address. This includes picking up from our stores, home delivery, or work delivery. Our online team and riders work hard to make sure all orders are delivered on time, however, there may be delays. We will do our best to keep you updated on the location of your parcel and share emails on the change in the status of your order to allow you to track your parcel’s progress.  Please visit our delivery information page for more shipping details.

Our Return, Refund and Exchange Policy.


Merchandise must either be defective or in its original condition, unworn and unwashed. 


  • Return Period: You have up to 7 Days from the date of delivery to initiate a return.
  • Refund Options: You can choose to receive your refund via Mpesa or as a Shopzetu Giftcard.
  • Refund Service Level Agreement (SLA): We commit to processing your refund within 2-3 days from the moment the item is handed over to us.
  • Mpesa Refunds: Please note that Mpesa refunds are not applicable to items which are discounted.
  • Discounted Items:Please note that items discounted during the Black November period (1st Nov - 30th Nov) will be eligible for exchanges or gift card refunds only.
  • Exchange Procedure:
    • To be eligible for an exchange, the items must meet our return criteria.
    • Once returned, the items will need to be sent to the Shopzetu warehouse before the new exchange item is dispatched to you.
  • Exchange SLA: We aim to complete the exchange process within 2-3 days from the time you hand over the item to us, if you are within Nairobi. For those located upcountry, the exchange process may take 3-7 days. 
What is not eligible for Return
We reserve the right to refuse a return if it does not meet the below criteria. 
  • Items which are under the following categories;Skincare,Make-up, Swimwear,Fragrances and underwear.
  • Orders which are past the return period(48hrs from delivery date)
  • Items which are believed to have been washed.
  • Orders without an accompanying Shopzetu invoice.
  • Items that do not meet hygiene standards due to foreign stains, sweat, or dirt.


  • Shopzetu will not use payments from another order for the refund process. It's important to note that the return process must be fully completed before we can initiate a refund. Refunds will be processed as either a giftcard or an Mpesa refund for items without a discount.

Read our Return Policy.

Fair Trade

When we suspect someone is actually wearing their purchases and then returning them or is returning items a lot more often, we may have to refrain from accepting your returns. If this happens to you and you think we’ve made a mistake, please get in touch with Customer Care and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

For details on refunds, please refer to our Returns Policy.

Promo Codes

We may run promotions from time to time that may result in discounts or a couple of perks. Please remember it is up to you to enter the code for it to be applicable at the checkout process.

We would like to remind you about a couple of things around promo codes.

Each promo code has its own terms and conditions. These will be communicated upon the issuing of the promo code to you. Some of this information includes when to use it, what products it is applicable to if it is for single or multiple uses etc.

If you are given a code simply to be used for you, please keep it private. Should you share it and we realize that you have shared it and it is being used by multiple people we will have to cancel the promo code and may suspend our account with you.

Gift Vouchers

You may want to gift your friends or family member with a gift voucher or you may be the lucky recipient of a Shop Zetu Voucher (Yay!). Please visit the gift voucher page to see how and when the vouchers can be used. A couple of things to keep in mind:

The gift vouchers are valid from 6 months from the date of purchase, so please use them before they expire. Our customer care team will reach out to you to remind you to use the voucher before it expires.

Should you buy a digital gift voucher for someone please make sure you get their email address correct! If you get it wrong, the voucher might be emailed to someone else and they may end up using. In cases like that, there is not much that we can do.

Your information

Shop Zetu has a privacy policy that lets you know how we use your information. Please visit this page to read a bit more about it. Should your information change at any point, please update your account so we can keep giving you the best services and the latest scoop!

Intellectual Property Rights

Shop Zetu owns the intellectual property that is used on its website and across our various digital platforms. These rights are protected and reserved. Please note, as our client you are allowed to store, print, and display our content for your personal use. However, the use of our content for commercial purposes is not allowed unless permission is granted. Use of the logo as well to engage in any sort of trading is not allowed.

Customer Care and Service

Should you need to get in touch with us for any reason, please feel free! Contact us Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm. Reach out to us on:

  • Email: support@shopzetu.com
  • Twitter: @shopzetu
  • Facebook: @shopzetu
  • Instagram: @shopzetu
  • Numbers: + 254 748 419357

User-Generated Content.

Sometimes we share some of the content our clients tag us in on our social media pages and website. When we do it is because we love your style and want to show off how good you look in Shop Zetu! By giving you the opportunity to feature on our social media pages and website by using the hashtags #ShopZetu #AfricanFashionMarketPlace and #ShopOnline, you agree to:

  • We can use your handle and the content on shopzetu.com, and/or on any of Shopzetu’s social media platforms (including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).
  • We can edit, crop, adapt, enhance or modify the content

You promise that you:

  • Have the permission of everyone in the content to share it with us.
  • Have the right to grant Shop Zetu the above rights
  • You are at least 18 years old

Should you be uncomfortable with us sharing your content, let us know and we will remove the content from the social media accounts we control and our website as well. Please note it is possible for other social media users to make use of the content once we have posted it. They can share it, and save it on their device or other websites. If you are not comfortable with this then please do not give us consent to use your content.