A Basic Guide to Layering Clothes Like a Pro

Wanna learn ‘life-saving’ tips on layering like a pro? Read on. 😏

Layering has undeniably become a huge part of street style fashion. It not only adds a new dimension to an outfit, but can also transform a boring basic outfit from 0 to 100 real quick. Gets you all that extremely stylish and fashionable feel. Beyond being functional, putting some thoughts into color and texture combination while layering not only adds variety but also adds individuality and personality to your overall look. Ain’t that what life’s all about? Standing out?

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Majority of women stay away from layered outfits as they tend to make someone look bulkier than they actually are (when done wrongly). This is logically true but don’t fret, the basic tips are really easy to incorporate. It's advisable that the under layer should be a thinner garment then the thickness will increase as you add more layers. The perfect layered outfit will create nothing but a perfect silhouette. This makes it easier when you remove the outer layer without compromising the style of your outfit.

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It’s advisable to start your ‘layers’ with basic, lightweight tops that fit. I wore a crop sweater top, on top of my white shirt, that definitely reminded me of my high school days. I definitely finished the look in a light stylish jacket. The devil’s in the details, or jacket in this context. Or alternatively you can finish the look with a military jacket. I would recommend something that really stands out, avante garde style. A denim jacket is the ultimate layering piece. And finally I wore some denim pumps just to add that sauce to the entire look. On a really cold day you can throw in a scarf as an added accessory.

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Layering a street style look is best done when pieces are of different sizes and fit. Always make sure every garment is well showcased. If you fancy color, this is a great opportunity to try bold pullovers that ooze depth and intrigue.

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#StyleCaution- Getting the colors right could be the biggest aspect of layering properly. However, when layering many garments, it is very easy to color clash. Alternatively choose bright colors that compliment each other. The key point is the more colors you choose, the more interesting the look.


  1. Always ensure that every visible layer is something that you can wear on its own.
  2. The trick is to ensure all garments are appropriately sized to that point they flow together effortless.
  3. Accessorize- it’s like the frosting on the cake.
  4. This look can be worn for a movie night with friends, a concert and a brunch as well.

I could go on and on as this topic is quite vast, but for now, let’s work on these pointers. I do hope this piece was helpful.

Till next time. Your one and only

🎀 Wamuhu🎀

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