Back To Basics!

Who said basic has to be boring or bleak? Shelly is here to show you just how bomb basic can get!

A good knot can completely transform a piece of clothing, taking it from just another basic T-shirt to figure-flattering and fun in just a few seconds. Your top doesn’t have to be over-sized to pull it off. This tee isn’t over-sized, but Shelly managed to tie off the knot by gathering the fabric at the back of the shirt!

She paired it with a pencil skirt which most of us would go for to achieve that formal look. But hey, break the rules and wear your fanciest skirts to the most casual occasions. 😉

We know as women that strutting around in stilettos amps up our confidence and feelings of self appreciation; but there's one little problem - they can be painful.
Luckily, sneakers are all the rave at the moment and we’ve noticed that they’re being worn with literally everything!

Shelly's conclusion is that basics are not boring rather they are the foundation to build on for every stylish woman's wardrobe. Paired appropriately, basics instantly level up your fashion game help you to be more fashionable.

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