Betty Kairo. MD, Right Here Kenya ltd

‘My definition of a power woman is one who is grounded and knows herself.’
Betty feels that women have come a long way; speaking up a lot more and embracing authenticity. Furthermore, the world is embracing more women in leadership. “I mean, we’re in an era where we’ve seen female presidents in Liberia, Malawi, Ethiopia and Mauritius. Isn’t that something?”
However, despite the impressive strides made by women so far, we also take ourselves several steps back by selling ourselves short as sex objects or falling in line with demeaning habits such as ‘sponsors.’ She insists that we need to work together to change such unfortunate happenings, that derail our growth in society.

In her opinion, the biggest challenge that we face as women, is not being taken seriously. Another challenge is the pressure to achieve that elusive ‘balance’ in life. Balance should not be a measure of success. Not everything has to be in equal proportions to work. What is important is to find harmony with all the aspects of your life; harmony for happiness and for better.

Catch Betty's full interview below.

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