How To Easily Style Your Favorite Pencil Skirts

Fitting from the waist to the hips, the pencil skirt is a flattering piece that knows just where to hug the female figure. The Pencil Skirt style has evolved from an item reserved for official occasions or office wear alone to one that can be styled for almost any occasion. There are several exciting ways to incorporate this timeless piece into your day, whether you are seated behind your office desk, having a casual meeting after work, going to dinner with your significant other or running a quick errand across town. Here are some iconic ways to rock your pencil skirt.

1. Business Professional

Wear a long sleeved or short sleeved coat over a tucked in cap sleeve tee or over a simple spaghetti top. You can also rock your sleeveless bodysuits under the coat for more comfort. On days when the coat isn't an option, go for a simple button down shirt.

2. Office Casual

This could easily be one of your favorite looks. Balance a bold pencil skirt color with a light, simple chiffon top in a variety of colors, styles and prints for a Monday to Friday work-smart, stylish outfit. For a different look every other day, go from a satin, long sleeved bishop top to sleeveless polka dots without too much effort. The power is in your hands!

3. Errands Casual

Swap the high heels with a pair of sneakers or simple flats. For a cool, laid back look, a tucked in plain white or black tee does the trick.

4. An Evening Night Out

An evening date look needs a balance between flirty and composed. There's often so much pressure to impress especially if it's one of your first dates so picking out something to wear sometimes needs extra effort. A Capri pencil skirt's length goes slightly below the knee and often fits high up the waist, naturally complimenting your curves. When choosing a top to pair it with, reach out for softer tones and solid colors to strike a balance between stylish and chic. Go for a fitting bodysuit or a long sleeve crop top. The finishing touches are just as important. Pick out some minimal jewelry and a simple pair of heels or flats for a perfect finish.

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