Faith Muia : Employee of The Year 2019

Interviewer: How would the Online team describe you if asked?

Faith: They would say that I am hardworking, kind and a team player.

I: Being feted Employee of the year award is a big deal. How does that feel?

F: It is a big deal! Especially because I endeavor to uphold the Vivo values in my day to day work. Also, when everyone was cutting off toxic people at the beginning of this year, i wasn't left behind because y’all validated me. It was such a humbling experience and i’m grateful to all my colleagues who saw me fit to be the employee of the year 2019, THANK YOU! Interestingly, most people that don't remember my name now refer to me as "Employee of the year" lol!

I: What is the thing you enjoy the most about your job / working at Vivo?

F: Satisfying our clients' needs. I enjoy talking to clients and being their ‘personal stylist’. For example when a client says they're looking for a particular look and they end up purchasing what you've suggested and some will even send you photo's afterwards thanking you for the bomb looks.

I also enjoy working alongside my team members and having fun while at it. You should all spend one day with the online team and see for yourselves.

I: Speaking of fun, tell us more about your recent trip.

F: The trip to the beautiful Lerruat Log Resort in Kajiado County was amazing and relaxing. It was also well organized and I enjoyed every bit of it. I took my best friend with me and we had a blast away from the busy Nairobi City.

I: What about the place did you like the most and would make you want to go back?

F: The rooms! My room was beautiful and had the most amazing view. I will definitely go back. The staff at Lerruat were also kind and even welcomed me by name. Winning the employee of the year award has it perks eh. Lol

~ Mimmo Wanjuhi

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  • Njuguna

    Always rooting for you cc!

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