Five Fun Ways to Style Flats

Brogues. Ballerina flats. Maasai sandals. Vans. Converse. Adidas. Northstar. They all have one thing in common - no heels. But can you wear them and still look hot, grown-up and stylish? The answer is, see below.

  1. Legging it

Reach for your low-heeled boots for this one. Not only does it work for an easy date number four, but it is also exactly what a woman needs for a night out at Kiza or a Chama meeting with the girls. With a maxi or midi top, high low dress, denim-influenced pants, sweater dress or cocoon coat, this look works for both day and night in this unpredictable yet constantly chilly weather. Save the Maasai sandals for an indoor-fest when;

2. The relatives come to visit

Because now is the time for those Maasai-inspired sandals, indoors and where no one can physically step on your toes. Don't just reach for the flip-flops either. Get something with more character for that Dira, maxi dress and that feminine chiffon piece you have been eyeing and have not gotten round to ordering. You don't want your family to think you cannot put yourself together with superb style, do you? Especially if you are savvy enough to pull off a pair of;

3. Cigarette pants, anyone?

Brogues style this up. Suddenly, you look unusual and vintage. This is a look you can take anywhere. Throw on a blazer, and you are back to 2019. Pair with a tucked in funky blouse, red lipstick and a flower in your hair, and all you need to do is say hello to the 1950s pin-up. You don´t even need to;

4. Catch up with the Vans

Nothing says sporty like a pair of rubber soles. It does not matter what else you choose to wear. This is that one size fits all glorious look that works for a chill weekend afternoon where the mood is Sauti Sol, and for that snug bodycon dress on a Saturday at the mall. You can´t go wrong when you Converse the language of a modern-day pair of Stan Smiths. Ngomas will work their magic too, of course, making it easier for you to buy yourself a pair of;

5. Graceful ballerina flats

These seem to go with everything including cigarette pants, but these are not typical style tips. Instead of the boring basic black flat, reach for a sequined, embellished and sophisticated pair with a slight heel. We will tell you right now that completely flat shoes are terrible for your arches, collapsing them into painful paroxysms of pain. Since we care, we suggest you take a look at Michelle Obama´s flats. And her incredibly sexy sparkly $4,000 Balenciaga thigh-high boots. But that is another story.

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