Get Your Chiffon On!

Happy New Year!

I must admit I have never seen so much positivity, hopefulness and excitement about a new year. Whether it's online or in other social spaces during one on one conversations, I can feel the contagious energy all over.
Please keep it up! I’m rooting for y’all. (and me too!)
Raise your hand if you bought a collection of chiffon to go sunbathe on the sandy beaches or to just chill around because it’s the holidays.
And if you are feeling the heat and pocket pinch of January, the last thing you want to do is shopping for clothes!
How about I show you how to style those chiffon for your everyday looks and some special events?
Let’s get started!

Layer this chiffon over a basic, solid coloured bodycon dress and a pair of flattering sandals and you will be office ready! If you are going straight from work to a night out with friends with no time to change, take the top off. It’s light and will easily fit in your bag.

You are party ready.


Have a new product launch party at your workplace? Cover up your plain coloured dress with this striped chiffon waterfall.

I promise you will be the style star of any office event in this simple yet eye-catchy look!


Going for some grocery shopping should not mean you do not look effortlessly fabulous. I mean, if you are single like me and hope to meet someone who will sweep you off your feet, then you are not allowed to look basic while shopping! 😂

This top is unconfined and will allow you to reach those high shelves while shopping. The high low detail makes it unique and flatters basically all figures - it’s also perfect if you’re not trying to show off too much derriere. 🍑


Lunch date with a potential bae? ❤️

Eat to your fill wearing this top cause it’s adjustable and loose enough to leave you some breathing room - even after destroying the dessert you said you didn’t actually want (laughs in food baby)


This Kaftan comes in an array of different colors and prints so you will be spoiled for choice (might as well pick out 2 or 3, just in case)

Without being too much, a kaftan works because you get to throw on some accessories, wear a basic tank top and some comfortable tights underneath and still look put-together.

Where would you rock these chiffon looks?

-- Shlemith Maina

Instagram - @shelmith_maina

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