Meet the Client - Gladys Can’t Get Enough Of Vivo!


Gladys, ambitious, spirited and expressive, is in love with Vivo Woman and is the quintessential Vivo Woman. You will soon see just how much!
She is a sales and marketing professional but she studied social work and administration, has such a passion for fashion and design she started her own clothing brand, Stail Temple as a Kenyan living in Uganda, and is just straight-up fabulous. Her confidence transcends borders. Both her and her young much-loved daughter. We know because we checked them out on the ´Gram.

The gorgeous brand ambassador

I learnt about Vivo Woman through the fashion pages. In fact, we have been together since the year of Vivo´s inception when the brand opened its first store, and my relationship with Vivo has been a very good one. Their stores are classy, well maintained, with an attractive ambience and good sales ladies. I used to shop a lot at Sarit Centre but currently, the CBD branch does it so well for me. What strikes me the most about Vivo Woman is their beautiful brand ambassador Grace Msalame, and how she makes the African body look good in fine clothes. I give credit where it is due.

Bodycon. Bodycon. Even more bodycon.

It comes as no surprise my favourite pieces are the bodycon dresses. They really shape any kind of a body and are ideal for any sort of occasion; church, corporate, dinner - and I can pair them with any kind of accessories and always stand out. I always get the most compliments on the bodycon; about the fabric texture and especially the way it highlights my body shape. The fact that we have them in plain colours and prints gives us options. I noticed it too. I said we!
I also love the coats. Ok, I am confused now because I love almost everything! One thing about Vivo is how trendy they are. With this ability to keep what´s loved like the timeless sheath dresses. I recommend Vivo Woman to my girlfriends any time, day or night! When I am in Uganda, I shop online and my parcel arrives in Kampala the following day. It is just amazing to me. And they pack the pieces so well so I am constantly shopping without having to worry.


You ask me who the Vivo Woman kind of woman is. I say the Vivo Woman is a timeless woman with style and class. She knows how to handle herself whether she is in a casual or the corporate world. She is playful and fun, flirty and feminine. She is everything that embodies a woman in the most practical way. A Vivo woman is any woman who believes and affirms herself with what she wears.

Meet the founders

If an opportunity ever come up for me to meet with Wandia Gichuru and Anne-Marie Burugu, the great minds behind the Vivo Woman brand, I will only have one thing to tell them; thank you.

  • Thank you for allowing your thoughts to translate into reality,
  • Thank you for letting women know that Africa is a hub where women can collaborate, nurture and build each other while building female-owned brands at the same time,
  • Thank you for allowing a growing list of collaborations with other brands like Backyard Shoes, Bata, Embody, Kipato Unbranded…,
  • Thank you for listening, - this list is endless!

To Wandia and Anne-Marie, keep creating. We are here for it as women who rule the world with confidence and in style.

Catch up with Gladys on her IG, @mom_julez_oj & on FB as @mamamrembo Jules Ojay

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