How to Plan Your Outfits Daily

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What’s that one behaviour you’ve been meaning to let go of this year? Personally I pick out what to wear after I get out of the shower, which is a horrible behaviour because it takes so much time and I end up changing several times if I don’t like how the outfit looks on me.

I still have my hopes up for this 2020 so I have been making small steps towards my goal which is to plan my wardrobe weekly now that the majority are slowly getting back to work.

Keep it formal or smart casual

This mostly applies to Monday’s.

Unless you work in a very laid back place, try to keep it smart-casual or formal to set the mood throughout the week. Different shades of blue, nudes blacks and greys are the safest. However, there are no rules whatsoever, comfort is the most fashionable element to wear.

Throw in a dress.

Dresses are the easiest outfits to wear.

During the week, all you’ll need is to accessorize just to add a wow factor and have your glam shoes on. Tap more into your femininity and with a cute dress in your closet.

Throw in a coverup

Being the middle of the week, a waterfall sweater, a leather jacket, a cardigan or an oversized coat might go a long way. Keep it simple and elegant. You can pair the coverup with jeans or khaki pants. This look can also work for a ladies night out.

Throw it back

Being a Thursday, take it back with nice culottes or wide-leg pants paired with a bodysuit or a fancy top.

Feel good Friday

There’s no better feeling than the weekend nearing right? Friday is the easiest day to dress for most people.

Sum up the week with denim on denim. Always works!

Watch Wamuhu's Monday - Friday Lookbook here

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    I have enjoyed reading your articles on fashion and how to address on different occasions and in different types of weather. 90% of your amazing advice is caterd for ladies. Looking forward to see Gent related articles.
    Keep up the good work.

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