I Don't Want To Be In My Pyjamas Anymore And That's Ok!

I Don't Want To Be In My Pyjamas Anymore And That's Ok!

I’m a huge introvert and nothing can come close to a big night in while enjoying a cup of perfectly brewed coffee in my matching silky pyjamas set after a long day in the office. 😄

You can be sure that I embraced the rare opportunity to stay home and do all things introverts are experts in. Not to forget that I didn’t have to put up with thinking if anyone was going to judge my outfit, undone nails or a hairstyle that I wasn’t sure it suited my face. It felt good. It felt like freedom. Or so I thought.

A few weeks later, I was feeling some kind of way. I can’t really explain what exactly that was but something was definitely a miss. To add insult to injury, my forehead was covered in pimples, my belly was growing fat and every time I looked myself at the mirror, it wasn’t the face I see in ‘normal’, happier times. I no longer felt like me.

I planned a solo date as an opportunity to reflect, re-centre, recharge and show myself some love. ❤️ I really needed to reconnect with myself.

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If you are wondering how that looked like, I began my morning with a full-blown pamper session – hair wash, a facial treatment, a full-body moisturize, then dug out my cocoa butter lip balm from the depths of my abandoned handbag. I dressed up and served myself pasta and saucy meatballs that I learned to cook on YouTube and poured myself a glass of fresh orange juice. By the end of my date, my mood elevated and I enjoyed a productive afternoon and relaxing evening. ✨

Let's face it: what we're wearing right now says a lot about how we are feeling. Yet, in this bizarre, anxiety-provoking time, many of us have assumed that the link no longer holds. In times like these, spending time and money on things that make us feel and look good can seem unimportant and senseless. Regrettably, mascara and floral dresses don’t save lives. But if those things are essential to your personality and how you choose to express yourself, then acknowledging and accepting that without self-judgement can positively impact your wellbeing. Finding joy in fashion doesn’t make us any less compassionate, intelligent or radical.

I have then drawn my conclusion that how I was feeling and how I was taking care of myself are intertwined.
So, if dressing up and putting on make-up is something you delight in and do primarily for yourself, it makes sense that you’ll start missing it. I think if you just have a favourite sports jersey, or a favourite pair of sneakers that you love, or a favourite piece of jewellery, just anything that can remind you of happier memories do not feel guilty to wear it. I recently had a conversation with a friend, (hey Sofia) and she too felt that during such times when you absolutely have no reason to dress up, you will actually feel better if you do. “I have started wearing a blazer or a dress while working at home. Dressing up helps my brain shift to work mode” she added.

This pandemic has taught us that we should dress for ourselves - whether that involves dressier clothes and make-up or not - and that’s exactly how it should be. It has further proved to me, that I’m totally the kind of woman whose mental boost skyrockets upon looking at her well done painted nails. But if I wake up tomorrow and feel like dressing in my pyjamas again, then, by all means, will I. Who doesn’t love being in comfortable cosy clothes? - and sometimes, that’s what my mood calls for.

For now, I’m off to paint my nails the brightest red I can find!

Till next time,

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