I Made Your Clothes.

This April we were honoured to participate in the #fashionrevolution #imadeyourclothes campaign by @fashrev_kenya, that was aimed at promoting transparency of different fashion brands all around the world.

Here are part of the dedicated team that works behind the scenes on the outfits you’ve come to know and love.❤

Meet Florence Bwibo, who's been working at Vivo for 6 years now. From coming up with designs to making the patterns and preparing samples, her work is integral to our design process. 'Flo' is a traveller and a self-proclaimed bookworm.

Levian Aloo also works in Vivo’s Design Department. He's the Head of Pattern Making - an important link between design & production.
When he’s not busy working at Vivo, you’ll find him at his side-hustle, creating these awesome Kitenge-inspired shirts. We celebrate you Aloo!

Meet Miriam Muchungu. She is a mother to two lovely boys (Jafari & Naphtaly) and is a bowler in her free time. She’s been at Vivo for six years and counting, and we‘re glad to have her as part of #TeamVivo

This beautiful new mom is Gloria Awino. She's part of our design team, and likes creating outfits that make a statement. Lucky for us, Gloria loves her job!

Susan Murithi is a hard worker, whose effort does not go unnoticed by her colleagues. From steaming and pressing of the outfits, she is part of the thread that holds the team together. She loves watching movies and is a proud mama of three.

Sarah Cheduke is part of the supply chain team and is in-charge of fabric allocation. Apart from being a woman of unshakable Christian faith, she is also a mother of three girls and loves to unwind in the kitchen with a cooking spoon in her hand.

The love of football knows no gender, and Harriet Ambogo proves just that. She is an avid lover of the game and a huge Chelsea fan. When she is not working in production, she is listening to some music or playing with her twin boys: Arsene & Thiery.

She steams, she presses and she makes sure vivo's outfits are neat and organized. Irene Jadeya has been part of #TeamVivo for 6 years now, working in the production department. Her 2 children (Chelsey and Mickey) are the joy of her life. She loves to travel and enjoys listening to gospel music.

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