Jamila Mohammed

What's the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?

Pray. Thanking God for letting me see another morning.

Something you'd never leave the house without?

My glasses; can’t see at all without them!

Your must-have clothing item?

My headscarf (Hijab).

One thing you spend too much money on?

Vivo outfits!

What's your personal style?

Modest stylish. Daywear that turns to evening wear with minimum fuss.

The best thing about living Nairobi?

The weather!

Who's the number one person you look up to?

My Mama!

Your takeaway so far from being on TV?

Humility is key. It keeps you grounded.

Would you say being Muslim helped to narrow down competition for you in the media industry?

Quite the opposite. It wasn't easy! I had to work harder than non-Muslims to be accepted. Being the first Hijabi news-reader was an honour but it wasn't an easy sell!

Your favourite thing to read? (Please don't say the news haha!)

Reading is actually my favourite pastime. I'm always reading on my phone or iPad. I'm currently reading 'Becoming' by Michelle Obama.

Your favorite travel destination?


The most exciting person you've ever met?

I married him! (Touché!)

How are you able to maintain that elusive work-life balance?

Having 5 children and a full-time career wasn't easy at all. They're now all teenagers so I can breathe easy - well, a bit. It's not possible to get the perfect work-life balance especially with young kids; it’s a myth. Something always suffers.

Social media has been known to do a number on people. How do you keep it from getting in your head?

I only post things to do with me or my job. You will never see my children or their father on my pages. They need to have the freedom to be free from the spotlight and responsibilities of being a celebrity. I always remember that first and foremost I am a daughter, mum, wife, sister and then a TV personality. Totally separating the two has helped me.

Your current fashion obsession is?

Purple lipstick!

One thing your followers would be surprised to hear about you?

I speak Hindi!

One thing you've never done but would love to do?

Bungee jumping!

The greatest life advice you've ever received is...?

When I got married, my mum said: never go to sleep with an argument hanging over your head. Resolve it and then sleep.

What's the key to maintaining a good work ethic & living a purposeful life in your opinion?

Putting God first. This helps in keeping one within the boundaries of his word and of life, generally.

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