Jared Ocholla : Head of Production at Vivo


​My name is Jared Ocholla
How old are you?
​Fast approaching 40. ​(Laughs)​ ​I am actually 37​.
What do you do at Vivo? How long have you been part of Vivo?

I am the Head of Production at Vivo, I have worked here for 2 and a half years

What does a typical day at Vivo look like?
When I arrive, I check in on the employees directly handling the garments – it’s always good to greet people to start the day off. I go through our costing on production to ensure we’re at a level maintains quality and price stability.
How did you become a member of the Vivo team?
​​My friends saw something in me that fit in with Vivo values.
What kind of values?
​Well, my ability to relate well with people, my strong drive, commitment to excellence and my love for fashion. Previously I worked with international brands such as Suno Fashion which is based in the USA and Panah fashion production house where we used to produce for high-end brands like Edun and the likes; the attention to detail and insistence on quality are things I have carried with me throughout. It showed me how at the end of the day the little things truly matter in a big way.
Where do you see Jared in the next year?
I am here to help Vivo grow by determining the best way to continuously produce the highest of quality in Kenyan fashion while still maintaining affordable pricing for our customers. We have to consistently give them excellent products at a legitimate price point – I would love to continue being a part of that.
Where do you see Vivo heading in the next year? What are the possibilities? Your hopes for Vivo?
​​I see Vivo growing internationally. As someone with international brand experience, I see Vivo extending beyond the Kenyan borders, hopefully very soon. It has the potential to reach a much wider market, and we can get there eventually.
What do you love about working at Vivo?
​Actually, it isn’t just about working at Vivo, because fashion is my passion. I love what I do, not only at Vivo. Whenever I work, be it production or whatever I am part of, I enjoy. I love learning – it’s what brought me to Vivo. But to answer your question, I love the people that makeup Vivo, they’re a great team to work with, creative and dedicated!
Who is Jared in his free time and what's that one meal you cannot live without?
Outside of Vivo, Jared is a very simple guy I must say so myself. Born again. So, when I’m not at Vivo, you’ll find me relaxing at home with my family or at church fellowshipping with brethren or doing some side hustling activities to make some extra cash in this tough city. I love listening to worship music, even as I work. Honestly, I could eat fish every day – especially whole deep-fried fish!
Any parting shot or a word of encouragement for our readers?
​Young people especially, don’t leave school not knowing what you want to achieve and where your passions lie. Do what you love and love what you do.
And for those who may have not got the chance to further their studies, that’s not the end of the road for you. Identify your talents, passions and skills – focus on developing them and be ready to go the extra mile to achieve your dreams!
--Interview Conducted by Nyambura Mbugua

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