Judy Kairo. Head, Marketing Capability & Productivity Coca-cola CEWA

‘A power woman is one who empowers others and is supportive and nurturing.'
It’s safe to say that like Judy, we all desire a world that is gender-blind. She shares that the perception of it being a ‘man’s world’ is one that's making it difficult for many women to progress in life and in leadership. Many of us end up believing that certain doors will always be closed to us unless we get aggressive, but we shouldn’t have to be uncaring or ruthless to forge ahead. Men don’t.
When it comes to trying to achieve that elusive work-life balance, Judy is of the opinion that the balance does not exist. What does exist though, is a healthy integration of everything that matters. However, as women, we can make our lives and indeed other women’s lives easier by being the front runners in implementing policies for women especially at the workplace. Do we need flexible hours for new mothers at work? Let’s fight to enforce it and so on and so forth.
Judy believes in mentorship and in learning from the people you admire for growth. Her advice to women trying to succeed in their professions or entrepreneurship, is to talk to the people who have been there. Personal experience is always better than research alone. That, together with unwavering ambition will turn any dream into a reality.

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