Kareena Iradukunda & Her Mum, Agnes Ingabire

When you set your eyes on Kareena, it's hard to look away. She's drop dead gorgeous and she definitely got it from her mama. You can tell they share a special bond and we got a front-row seat to their story.

How would you describe each other?

Mum: I would describe her as my best friend. I've even saved her on my phone as 'Best'!

Kareena: I'd describe my mum as a strong, cheerful, strong-willed believer; a very loving person.

What do you enjoy doing the most together? with your daughter?

Mum: I enjoy going out with her. She's very good company.

What do you enjoy doing the most with your mum?

Kareena: I enjoy picking out her outfits, going out with her to see new places. She's always visibly excited and it never gets old! I love cracking jokes with her and having conversations with her.

What's the best thing about being a mom?

Mum: I'd say I have good children and that is a blessing from God. Raising children can be difficult but Kareena has always been easy to raise.

What's the best thing about being her daughter?

Kareena: Mum's got a big heart and is very caring. She's the kind of person who can literally call every hour to just find out how you are doing, if she gets the sense that something is off. I love that about her.

A valuable lesson you have learnt from your mum growing up?

My mum works very hard and I'm proud to say I've learnt that from her. I've also learnt to be prayerful, resilient and just keep going no matter what. Value and respect for other people, especially those you hold dear to you is another thing. I can go on and on...

Something you would tell your younger self...?

Mum: You can do some things when you are young, but once you grow up you realize how stupid that was. Don't be stupid!

What's the most rebellious thing you did as a child?

Mum: I once wanted to go to a wedding. My mum consented but my dad declined. I decided to go anyway. I returned home that night to a furious dad and a locked door. Eventually, he let me in, but not without punishment. He didn't pay my school fees for the next term. It was quite a lesson for me.

What was your first year of motherhood like?

It was very enjoyable because I'd longed for a child. Plus I had good guidance from my parents so I really enjoyed it.

A lesson your children have taught you?

They've taught me how to be courageous. When I see them and see how determined they are, it makes me proud. Kareena does her best to pursue her goals and I love it.

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