Living in Color!

Black is always the new black. It can also be the new dull. In fact, have you noticed the chillier and wetter it gets, the less colour we seem to wear? Almost like we are trying to be invisible. But what if you knew the colours that made you sizzle. When you find colours that work with your skin tone, you will look younger, your features stand out and you even get a glow about you.

To figure out your skin tone, look at the veins on the inside of your arm. Are they blue? If so, you are cool like Alex Wek and Lupita Nyong´o, and you can wear bold vivid colours, neon shades and icy versions of colour like blue, grey and green. Browns and muted greens will take away your natural shine.

If your veins are green, you have a warm skin tone like Beyoncé. You see all that golden radiance from her hair to her toes? It is all warmth with muted shades of green, red, blues and purples. You look great in yellow and orange and your reds look like fall leaves with coppers and browns in them, while the cool skin tone wears a true red with blue undertones.

Next time you go shopping, collect all colours and then go check yourself out in the dressing room. Put all the rich, vibrant Vivo colours next to your face. Work with colour combinations. Think of ripe fruit colours and how yummy they look. The green or red of an apple, the zestiness of an orange, the yellow of a banana, the green or ochre leaves. Nature bursts with colours that we should be preening in as Vivo women. If a colour makes you look brighter, you have found the magic that matches your skin tone.

It happens with makeup too. Which is why finding the right nude or the perfect red is such a quest. And, by the way, any hair colour you are thinking of right now. But once you find it, that elusive tone, a choir of angels will sing to you.

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