Marthe Muigai. Founder, Fleur Creations

Marthe Muigai owns Fleur Creations; an executive florist established in 2013.

It offers a wide selection of export-quality freshly cut flowers, and also does arrangements for any event including; Birthdays, Weddings, Funerals, Valentines etc. Fleur Creations also offers a wide selection of unique, gourmet, gift hampers.

They have over 17 years’ experience in the fresh-cut flower supply business and are currently supplying flowers to some of Nairobi’s biggest businesses.

Strides women have made in their careers

There are more women in leadership both in politics and in businesses right now than we had years back.

We as women have managed to close the pay gap in most areas especially in some male dominated careers largely by advancing our levels of education than in previous years.

Idea of a power woman-

A woman who does not seek approval or validation from other people for her to be who she is, a woman who is proud of herself and a woman who respects herself and others.

Next generation of power women-

Invest in yourself as a woman without any expectations of help from others. Make yourself self-reliant. Do not expect to achieve greatness by waiting for things to be handed to you, grab opportunities as they come. Learn to respect yourself and others and be proud of the person that you are and the person that you know you can become.

Advice for women starting in my industry-

I would advise someone starting in the flower supply business to first start small and observing the market and their sales to see if they should expand to a larger business model.

They should focus on client needs, listening to their thoughts and preferences and securing long term agreements.

Get the best supplier who can supply quality product even on the shortest notice or request.

Finally review your books to see if you are actually making money and getting profits from your business.

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