Meet Our Brand Ambassador - Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame, our Brand Ambassador likes it classy, yet very comfortable pieces with a touch of flair. Her elegance and confidence throughout her time in the public eye as well as in her personal life embody what it means to be a Vivo Woman!

Keep reading to find out more about her and her love for our Vivo pieces.

How did you come to know about Vivo?

I first encountered Vivo at the Junction Mall! I would see this shop with Ballerina Tutus and thought it’s not a store for me until some colleagues wore clothes from Vivo that made me visit the store. All clothes I fitted, I ended up buying because for once I found clothes that flattered my body type locally. Since then Vivo and I have been inseparable.

What is it about Vivo you love the most?

I love the fact that Vivo makes clothes for women like me, I don’t have to adjust this and that. I literally just wear and go. Plus, Vivo brightens up my wardrobe with all the yummy colors, not forgetting comfort is key which Vivo is winning at.

What is one thing we do not know about you?

Hmm... That given the option I’d live a very quiet private life reading, writing, traveling enjoying my near & dear.


> ShopZetu Team


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    Please, share with me the contacts of Jacky Oduor, the lady you host on saturday, 13 June 2020 at 8.00 pm.

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