Meet The Client: Geraldine Jeruto

Meet Geraldine Jeruto Bwamu. Wife to Mr. Bwamu, mother to four amazing children and a boss lady in her own right. Despite being a hotelier by profession, her childhood passion of dairy farming gradually flourished. Taking after her grandfather, today she is an entrepreneur, and more precisely, a dairy farmer.

When most of us hear the word 'farmer', we usually can't help but visualize a 'boots & overalls' look; not forgetting that farmer's hat! But not Mrs Bwamu. She is quite the fashionista you see, and takes pride in being her own stylist. I must add that she's got impeccable taste.

Prior to starting her business, she attended a training programme in Israel on the basics of dairy farming. Now, that's a work trip worth remembering! She has a farm in Eldoret where all the technical work takes place and she manages it from wherever she is. Geraldine also describes herself as a God-fearing woman, to whom she attributes her success. "I place God before everything. I wouldn't have accomplished anything without him."

When it comes to hobbies, shopping, cooking and travelling are at the top of her list. From her travel diaries, she speaks highly of Israel, Cape Town and Zanzibar as memorable destinations. She has mastered her skill in baking, but as for whether she'd like to pursue it on a commercial scale? Well, she's quite alright with her dairy enterprise.

As a shopping enthusiast, Geraldine first discovered Vivo way back in 2011. Three cheers for a Vivo O.G.! (Well, in a nice feminine way of course!) Her love for the brand is based on the fact that Vivo keeps up with the trends, continuously offering a variety of versatile clothes that suit every occasion and season. It's a trendy brand for a trendy girl like herself.

Interviewed by: Steffany ghero

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