Meet the Client- Maryanne Nderu

Maryanne Nderu, is one of the lovely clients we are featuring this month. Travelling is her thing and she’s definitely well-travelled; locally and abroad. Any town in Kenya you can name, she’s probably been there. Internationally, she’s been to the states and several countries across Europe and Africa. She’s set her sights on India and Thailand next, specifically for the food...

Besides travelling, she also loves working out, road trips (under two hours), dancing, reading and occasionally, staying indoors doing absolutely nothing; tranquillity is the new luxury, right? Her new found love is motivational audio books and speakers and she feels that they've helped her stay focused on her goals.

Maryanne works at Kenya Breweries Limited as a sustainability manager.  Her style is anything that has a flattering fit on her. She loved being on set learning how to add versatility to her Vivo pieces from our stylist.

She is a Gemini and like the zodiac twins, she suspects that she has two different personalities. Did we mention that she's also an emcee in her spare time? Her stage name is blessed_mbeti and her birthday was this June. (Happy belated birthday Maryanne!)

She can’t leave the house without…? Her car Keys.

One random thing in her handbag…? She had two: super glue and a packet of potato crisps. “You have to be ready for anything that comes your way" (laughs).

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