Meet The Client - Naomi Musuva

Naomi Musuva is a young, vivacious, Actuarial Science graduate with an interesting story about how she got into entrepreneurship. It started with a yearning while on her first job and she promptly quit to start a healthy, packed-lunch food delivery business, which went under very quickly.

Failure is a bitter pill to swallow, and she succumbed to pressure from family and friends to find a job, which she did. However, she felt so strongly about giving business another go that she quit to start a raw juice therapy company, ‘Health2Organike’, which aims to transform lives through educating people to feed their bodies right and boost their ability to fight diseases. She then joined BNI, a networking platform for entrepreneurs who could understand her struggle and encourage her to grow despite failure.

When she’s not tending to her budding start-up, Naomi is a mum to her 2-year-old son. She beams with pride when she talks about her little boy who’s can’t seem to slow down and you can tell he’s clearly the light of her life.

She loves the outdoors and has a passion for travelling. She insists that people shouldn’t consider themselves well travelled unless they’ve explored their own motherland, and that she has. She’s visited most towns in the Rift Valley, Western Kenya, and the Coast. Outside Kenya she’s been around East Africa, the UK, and most recently Israel. She intends to travel some more but maintains that Kenya is the most best so far. (We don’t think she’s biased at all!)

Naomi asserts that she’s a Vivo ambassador by choice and if she doesn’t wear Vivo, then that’s not a good day. We can attest to this because recently she tagged us on Instagram while in Israel, proudly wearing Vivo. (We celebrate you Naomi!) She’d travelled there on pilgrimage as well as business and was inspired by the high level of agricultural productivity in a country so small and naturally arid.

She describes her style as simple, sophisticated & spontaneous. She admits she used to be tomboyish but her style has evolved. She likes Vivo because it suits her new style, it's comfortable & it's Kenyan.

So what’s on her plate for the next half of the year?

An office move to a better location, to reach as many homes as possible, and touch many more lives, particularly of women. She’s also keen on being more ambitious and trying things she’s fearful of.

One thing you’ll always find in her handbag?

A notebook & pen.

Something unexpected about her?

She has a tongue ring. She maintains it’s the most painless procedure, but we’re not buying it!

Find Health2Organike online on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, or at their office on Muringa Groove, Kilimani. Tel: 0795 133 009 / 0724 702 148

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