Melanie & Jane Mwangi

How would you describe each other?

Mum: She is outgoing, very flexible and super confident. She's taken me places with that confidence.

Melanie: She's very inspirational. Many people look up to her as do I. She is the benchmark for inspiration and no one else can touch that.

What do you enjoy doing the most together?

Mum: I love playing dress up with her and experimenting with makeup too. She's also is fun to shop with.

Melanie: I enjoy her company especially when I'm shopping. I try not to buy anything without her approval first! I always take a picture if she is not there and send it to her; if she approves, then I buy. I should also add that when she's there, I feel like there's someone who's there for me.

How would you describe the feeling of motherhood?

Mum: I can't really explain the feeling because it feels too good to put into words. I'm a mum and a grandmum and I can say that it's been made possible by the grace of God.

The best and the hardest thing about being a mum?

Mum: I'm so proud of my kids. I don't forget to thank God because there are so many who would want to have kids; plus I was a grandmum by 40, so I'd say I'm truly blessed. However, trying to understand them can be quite difficult. You have to be their friend to be able to understand them.

What's the best thing about being her daughter?

My mum is like a representation of God on earth. She is always there for us to hold us when we fall and she knows what's best for us.

A valuable lesson you've learnt from your mum growing up?

Include prayers in everything you do.

3 things you would tell your younger self?

Mum: The best project you can ever work on is yourself. Family is everything. Study and work hard. People think finishing school is easy but it's not. It takes the grace of God and a good support system.

How was your first year of motherhood?

You can imagine having a baby and husband for the first time and learning to adjust in that situation. It wasn't easy. It was the best time in the world; holding my own baby in my arms was simply amazing.

A lesson your children have taught you?

They've taught me to be patient and not take them for granted. They are human and have their own mind. You have to respect their views as grownups.

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