In many historical societies being “generously proportioned” was often seen as a sign of wealth and social status. This was because food was scarce for the majority of the population, and only the wealthy could afford to eat in abundance and live a sedentary lifestyle.
However, this perception began to shift as the industrial revolution and advances in agriculture led to increased food production and availability. As food became more accessible and affordable, the ability to consume more calories was no longer exclusive to the wealthy. Instead, the wealthy began to emphasize physical fitness and slimness as new indicators of health and status.
For many years, the lack of representation of plus-size individuals in media and fashion contributed to negative body image and mental health issues. Feeling unseen or unaccepted can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. However, as more brands and influencers champion body positivity, there's a growing sense of acceptance and empowerment among plus-size individuals. This May as we celebrate mental health awareness, the ability to embrace one's body as it is can lead to improved mental health and a more positive self-image.
Plus-size bodies come in a variety of shapes, each with its own beauty and strengths—whether you have an apple shape, carrying weight around the midsection; a pear shape, with wider hips and thighs; an hourglass shape, with a balanced bust and hips; or a rectangle shape, with weight distributed more evenly. 
Here are a few easy to spot designs that are bound to portray your outer beauty.
The A-line dress or skirt gradually flares out from the waist, forming an "A" shape. This design helps to skim over the hips and thighs without clinging, which can be particularly flattering for those who wish to minimize these areas. It creates a balanced silhouette by drawing attention away from the lower body.
The high waistline of an empire dress creates a visual effect that elongates the body. By drawing the eye upward and emphasizing the area just below the bust, it gives the impression of a longer torso and legs. This can be especially flattering for shorter individuals or those with a shorter torso. For those with a smaller bust, the empire waistline can create the appearance of a fuller chest. The seam right under the bust accentuates this area, adding definition and shape.
The straight, boxy cut of a shift dress creates a streamlined silhouette, which can be flattering for many body types. It skims over the body without clinging, which helps to hide any areas you might be self-conscious about, such as the waist, hips, and thighs.
Wide leg pants such as palazzo or bell bottoms create a striking balance between the upper and lower body. The fitted upper portion of the pants highlights the hips and thighs, while the wide flare at the bottom balances broader hips and thighs. This can be particularly flattering for pear-shaped individuals, as it evens out proportions.
Boot-cut pants offer comfort and style, making them suitable for various occasions. They provide a relaxed fit that is more comfortable than skinny jeans, yet more polished than wide-leg pants. This makes them a versatile option for both casual and professional settings.
These are universally flattering choices due to the ability to define the waist, balance proportions, and provide comfort. Versatile designs such as these make wardrobe basics that can enhance the natural beauty of various body shapes, making them go-to options for many fashion-conscious individuals.
Fitness is often portrayed as a journey only for those seeking to lose weight, but this narrow view is changing. Fitness is about health, strength, and well-being, regardless of size. Full figured individuals can pursue fitness goals that focus on overall health rather than just weight loss. Brands like AVA fitness and Zaxu sports design their pieces to offer maximum support while in the gym. 

AVA fitness prioritizes comfort, flexibility, support, and confidence. High-waisted leggings or yoga pants provide extra support and stay in place during movements. These leggings are made from stretchy, breathable, and Dry-fit fabrics to ensure maximum comfort. They also have wide waistbands that prevent digging into the skin and create a smooth silhouette.


A well-fitting, supportive sports bra is essential; it has wider straps and a strong band for adequate support, with adjustable straps and multiple hook closures for a customized fit. Breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics are also important to keep you comfortable.


When it comes to tops, opt for fitted or semi-fitted options that allow a full range of motion without being too tight. Longer lengths help ensure the top stays in place and provides coverage during various poses.

Layering pieces, such as lightweight jackets or wraps, are beneficial for warmth during warm-up and cool-down periods, with stretchy, breathable layers that are easy to add or remove as needed.

 Exercise is an excellent way to improve physical health and boost mental well-being. Remember, fitness is not about fitting into a specific size but about feeling good and staying healthy.

If you let society define who you are, you lose the essence of your true self. Embracing your individuality, despite external pressures, is essential to finding genuine happiness and purpose. This means celebrating your unique body shape and rejecting one-size-fits-all notions of beauty. Your true self is your greatest asset, and honoring it requires courage and self-awareness in a world eager to shape you into its mold. Recognizing and embracing your specific plus-size body shape can empower you to dress confidently, express your true identity, and live a life that’s authentically yours.
Annemarie W Muchunu.

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