It's easy to forget that our mothers, beautiful, powerful, and gracious as they are, were once young girls who spent so much time and money dressing up to the nines regularly, before they were baptized “mama so and so”. 
I have a few foolproof gift ideas that are bound to make your mother smile all month and subsequently raise her expectations for Mother’s Day next year.
You'll notice they always seem to be running cold, so why not get your mother a warm sweater to bundle up in the house while she is bingeing her favorite show, 
or a heavy/thick shawl to battle the cold as she leaves every morning to chase the bag. 
Speaking of bags - there is no such thing as “too many bags”. You can get her a really pretty leather bag with a matching purse and toiletry bag, and to complete the look, get her a pair of shoes to match her new bag.
And last but certainly not least, jewelry. A statement necklace, dangling earrings, or better yet, a complete matching set of earrings, necklace, and bangles.
Okay now for real, as the very last option, if it all feels very overwhelming having to pick out a gift , you can get a Shopzetu e-Gift card for her and a bouquet of flowers as the cherry on the top. 
Heed my advice and you’ll become the certified “favorite child”.
This Mother's Day, I'd like to encourage us all to repeat the mantra “she’s just a girl”. Underneath the superwoman strength that comes with the title "mom" she still likes shiny jewelry, pretty dresses and beautiful bags with shoes to match.
Naysayers call it a shopping addiction, but I like to think of it as a female's natural instinct to gather.
Annemarie W Muchunu


  • Edward Akweyu

    Wow 😮 what a fantastic idea 💡

  • Tiffany

    You’re on to something!!🤔 Thank you mother, for the ideas!!!

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