Mr. Joseph Thandy: A Father's Day Special

Mary Thandy is part of #TeamVivo and we had the pleasure of hosting her dad Mr. Thandy, this month for our father’s day feature. It’s safe to say Mary has had to endure quite some teasing in the office thanks to her dad’s great looks!

What what do you like most about each other?

Mary: I love that he’s a great father figure in my life and that he’s always been there for our family. I asked him last minute to accompany me to this shoot and here he is!

Dad: She’s very cooperative and very serious about her affairs.

When did you become a dad?

Dad: I became a dad at 27 and I was very ready and excited to be one. I’m a father of two daughters; Mary and her sister Everlyne who’s in high school.

Do you think you’ve done well by your daughters?

Dad: Absolutely! I don’t fail my girls; I’m always there for them. Sadly, back in the day people considered having daughters only as not being a father but they were wrong. I adore my girls and I love them fiercely. I don’t regret not having a son and I dare say they are more than sons to me. I’m very protective of them.

What do you guys love doing together?

Mary: As kids, we used to travel every weekend as a family and I loved it! It’s gotten harder now that we are older but when we do it’s great! I also love our father-daughter conversations about everything.

Dad: She has said it all! (laughs)

Challenges in bringing up your daughters?

Dad: Of course! As a dad, my primary job is to provide for them and sometimes over the years the nature of my work was volatile. This meant I had to step up and try even harder for them.

How different are your girls Mary & Everlyne?

Dad: Let me say they are very different. First, this young lady here doesn’t like cooking but her sister is an excellent cook! (Mary protests and he laughs) To even things out a little, however, I’ll admit that Mary is quite book smart in comparison.

How was Mary as a child?

Dad: She was a very jovial child and a joy to be around. A little naughty sometimes as all children are, but only with her mother. (laughs)

When do you remember being most proud of each other?

Dad: When she graduated from University. When she was a kid, I remember praying for her to graduate and she did!

Mary: Do I have to pick one? (laughs) I’ve always been proud of my dad. As a daughter, your dad is your first love. He holds our family together and we all look up to him. He’s been instrumental in my choices and I seek his guidance every time I’m at a critical crossroad.

What do you wish for your daughter’s future right now?

I want her to be happy. I want her to live longer than I have, to live her life to the fullest and have a family when she’s ready.

Mary, what do you want for your own future?

I want my parents and I to live long enough to see my kids and grandkids. I didn’t get to meet my paternal grandmother but I want that for my kids. I want their lives to be rich with memories and family like mine was and for them to see where I came from.

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