One-on-one with Vivo's Brand Ambassador - Grace Msalame

How do you take care of your health?

“Quite simply, I’m very intentional in how I live my life. Be it my career choices, relationships or how I parent, I try to be as intentional as possible. So in terms of diet, I am very aware of what I eat, what doesn’t work well for me and what I respond to."

How do you deal with trolls on social media?

I believe that ‘what you focus on expands’, i.e. if you give social media trolls attention, it will attracts more negativity. So I try to ignore them as much as I can. However, if and when necessary, I won't shy away from giving them my two cents.

I also believe, however, that you shouldn’t fight hate with hate. So in my own small way, I show them the opposite of what they show.

So - in summary I'd say ignore it, or show them something different.

After all this time in the limelight, how have you managed to stay this humble/grounded?

I think upbringing is key, so I guess I should thank my parents for that. They taught us the value of what’s really important in life: peace, joy & love. To respect everyone regardless of their position, janitor or CEO. Everyone deserves dignity and respect.

What are your Easter plans?

What we usually do in our family, whether it’s Easter or Christmas, is to just spend time together, whatever that looks like. We will usually just meet, eat, church-fest and enjoy the break."

What should people take away from celebrating Easter and what is your message to them?

As a Christian, Easter reminds me that I am loved. If a man can give up his life just for you, what greater love is there? It’s my moment to remember that I am loved, and it is out of that love that I can then serve him.


  • Samuel

    Grace is a great lady.I have come across some instances that were ment to harm her reputation but she responded very well.I am very proud of her.Being a Xtian she is a very reliable person May GOD bless her.

  • Eliot HEkiman

    An impostor has created fake Facebook account reaching out to people on your behalf search Martine Matabaro.

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