Patricia Kihoro : Singer/Songwriter cum Actress cum Digital Content Curator

Patricia is that creative multihyphenate we love to live through vicariously. Her wanderlust transforms her into a world citizen who could buy and wear whatever she pleases. Thank goodness the woman loves her VIVO. ¨I love the bodycons. I mean, I love love love those bodycons, especially the double-layered ones. In fact, if I could have the bodycons in all colors and lengths, it would be so good.¨

How did you come to know about Vivo?

Through Sharon Mundia, or as she is popularly known, This Is Ess. Now I wear VIVO everywhere! What I love to do is wrap the bodycons so that sometimes I can wear it as a skirt. Be it dinner, out with friends, to the airport, to events, to the board room, with sneakers or heels, the clothes, especially the bodycons, are quite versatile. But the last time I shopped, I bought a maxi dress, scuba skirt, and tights.

Ok Ok Patricia. We can take a hint…! Still, what is it about Vivo you love most?

I love the variety and versatility of the clothes. The quality too is good.

Name one thing we do not know about you.

I love potatoes. I eat potatoes every day, whenever I can, whenever I am. I just find myself around potatoes. They find me, we find each other. The P in Patricia is for potatoes. Haha. In fact, if I call you a potato I am giving you the highest compliment there is!

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