Pencil it In!


Pencil skirts are one of those - you know, a classic that just does not go out of style no matter how popular a skater dress becomes. Suited to your body type whether you're five foot nothing or towering a six-foot-something, a pencil skirt is transforms. I have a few ideas that have nothing to do with peplum by challenging you to a skirt-off.

1) With a bodysuit - our basic long-sleeved bodysuits which have had ravereviews for their comfortable stretch and anything-but-basic life-givingvibrant colours. The basic not-basic bodysuit can be paired with a pashmina shawl, or, if you want to go crazy feminine, a white off-shoulderbodysuit. Fit it with the lined Capri skirt which makes for a great crossoverlook as both casual wear and work-wear with its solid colours and understated fit.

2) With a kimono jacket, knotted around your waist giving you a dramatic architectural silhouette a la Tilda Swinton. Who says tight is sexy? The look is brilliant for an adult who goes out for well-lit dinners; the power woman who makes her own style rules in the boardroom to those tedious daytime events where you don't want to show up in your usual suit because meh.

3) With that sensual chiffon top. The basic Tinola skirt is a sexy, sophisticated midi-length that cinches your walk, encourages a swing of the hip and can be worn snatched and belted, loose or paired with an on-trend tiered chiffon top.

4) With a basic tank top to keep it minimalist and conservative because not everyone wants a big boom. Also, some days, a woman just wants to blend in and feel like she is part of a tribe instead of a constantly buzzing Queen Bee. That can get exhausting and Queens need a break too and even Riri and Bey take a break from over-the-top looks once in a red moon.

5) With a waterfall, your streamlined silhouette draped in beautifully sensuous moving fabric, like a cape befitting a Queen. This is a look only a grown woman can carry. It brings the flair for drama to life and makes others curious about the mysterious outfit they cannot seem to catch a glimpse of every time you move. Talk about giving them a good tease.

6) With a blazer as a full skirt suit especially with a top whose color pops, this look is a classic. It is a "woman who is going places" kind of outfit.

7) With a graphic T-shirt knotted to the side or perfected into a French tuck the front belly button part only, leaving the rest nicely hanging out - not like a gasping tongue. Make the colors sharp and contrasting. Either color block, or do the most epic pair of them all; a black and a white.

8) With sneakers. Pencil skirts give you a long, lean line that could end with a grungy sneaker. If you are wearing a fun fashion-forward sneaker, even better Any old rubber sole will simply not do I´m afraid.

9) With a crop top to a high-waist pencil skirt, and it shows not even a sliver of your belly. You want a midi length to keep your look stylish and elevate the look from 20-something to 30 or 40-something. Pencil skirts need to fit well around the waist and the hips. This is the biggest shift from girl to woman.

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