Ruby Kang`ethe. TV Producer

 “To me, a power woman is one who doesn’t feel the need to diminish herself for other people to feel okay. She claims her rightful place on God’s green universe.”

In my opinion, women are making strides in the right direction, by coming out with their stories, and basically, breaking the silence regarding issues that must be addressed for our own development in society. Some of these issues might not be very pleasant to talk about, we first have to clean the house before painting it.

The biggest challenge that women face when trying to progress in life especially in leadership and their careers is the unfair playing field that favors men in society. It isn’t fair competition if we are required to “man up” in order to be taken seriously as qualified candidates for whatever position. We are not men and it is our right to be treated equally as capable; as women.

Some nuggets of wisdom from Ruby: First of all, remember to love and take care of yourself first before catering to other people. Second, the concept of being able to find a life-balance is mythological. It takes a lot to be a working woman, wife, mother and so on. It’s okay to not have it all figured out. Last but not least, don’t be held back from doing something, because you are a woman. Just do it. No excuses. Shame can only come from not trying.


Catch Ruby’s full interview below.

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