Shop Zetu presents: The Seller Profile Series with SALOK HAVILAH

Since its foundation in 2020, Salok Havilah has grown to be one of the consistently top selling brands on the Shop Zetu marketplace, seamlessly blending quality and comfort into a stylish contemporary womenswear brand. 

Meeting in Uganda while Sara was in university, the couple eventually got married and began working together at Vivo. It was here that Peter honed his passion and knowledge of Design and textiles, while both of them began to gain a firmer grasp on the ins and outs of owning and operating an independent fashion brand. 

Salok as a concept, came to Peter in a dream. A Pastor himself, he always foresaw his interest in design merging with his passion for the word of God. Teaming up with his wife Sara (A Gospel Singer herself), the two have built a unique and dynamic business that includes not only creating and distributing their worn products, but also production for other fashion brands within Nairobi. Catch the full story here:  


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