Sharon Muoki, Corporate Sales Trainer and Catherine Mwangi, CEO of GilGal Group, LTD.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” – C.S. Lewis
Sharon and Catherine are bosses in their own right complete with a friendship that grows better every day. From midnight laughs and stories to serious business talk and advice, they build each other up. Enjoy a slice of their fun friendship below.
How did you become friends?
Sharon: A mutual friend from the US introduced us to each other. We kept in touch and became friends.
Who introduced whom to Vivo?
Sharon: I introduced Catherine a while back.
Catherine: And thank God for it!
Describe your favorite shared memory.
Catherine: It has to be that time we went to StedMak Gardens in Karen and just talked. We shared our life stories and truly bonded that day. That definitely has to be one of the top ones.
Sharon: There are so many but I would also say Stedmark. It was golden. It solidified our friendship even more.
Name one activity you really enjoy doing together.
Catherine: I can speak for both of us when I say chatting and sharing especially when it comes to spirituality. There is no greater bond than that of two friends sharing the word. That is something truly beautiful.
Sharon, what quality do you most admire in Catherine?
She is a very good chef. This woman can cook for you until you start doubting the things you have been eating all your life. When it comes to food, she is Queen!
Fantastic! Catherine, what quality stands out most when it comes to Sharon?
Her humility is her strength. She is such a humble human being. You think of all the things she has been blessed with and wonder how one person can remain so self-effacing.
Between the two of you, who is wild and daring?
Catherine: Definitely Sharon. You look at her and you can’t see it until you know her. Also, this woman can really dance! No jokes! She is such fun to spend time with.
What have you learnt about the other person?
Sharon: Catherine is out there to help others. She is not self-centered. I admire her a lot. She prays for you even when she doesn’t know you. I find that thoughtful. Our friendship has inspired me to emulate her.
Catherine: Sharon is very driven and highly organized. She will teach you how to maneuver through your business and get you out of your comfort zone. She won´t stop until you achieve what you wanted.
Photographed by Phocus_Photos at gem suites kenya.
Styled by Robinai , make up by Alice_Occy, Rose_Occy and Brenn_Occy, Shoes from Bata Kenya

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