Raha Fest burst onto the scene as one of the freshest festivals around, and boy, did they deliver on the promise of 'Raha,'- for my non-Kiswahili speakers, it means joy and enjoyment! 

Spanning two unforgettable days - during 'Adult Midterm', this festival felt like our local might I say AfroNation 😂🤭?! The only thing missing was the beach!

Lucky for us we were able to bag that Shop Zetu x Raha Fest Partnership.


Complete with vibrant energy and eclectic style!
It was held on the 30th and 31st of March, and it must have been the girlies’ dream!

Because we all know, that sometimes getting ready is more fun than the motive itself & we had 2 days to play dress up! 

Speaking of fashion, everyone brought their A-game!

The sheer diversity of aesthetics and styles on display was mind-boggling. From sneakers to chic sunglasses, from graphic tees to sleek jumpsuits, attendees embraced their unique fashion sensibilities.

Whether rocking cargo pants or strutting in high heels, one thing was clear: people were determined to look fabulous, no matter the temperature or weather conditions.

A planned outfit is a planned outfit, and people were going to see it!


Now, onto the looks that stole the show. First up, Mr. David Adedeji Adeleke, A.K.A Davido who dazzled in a Paisley jacket adorned with bling. Few could pull off a chain that sizable without looking ridiculous, but he owned it like the superstar he is.

Though, let's be real, strolling the streets of Nairobi with bling that could double as a serving platter?

He is lucky he had that bodyguard with him! Did you see him knock someone off stage? I think he would survive a stroll down CBD and his bling would remain on his neck.😂

Next, let's talk about Mr. Iyanya. Now, a vest paired with reflective pants may not seem like much initially.

But when you witness him take off the shirt, add his undeniable stage presence, serenading vocals, and mesmerizing dance routine into the equation. Well, I'm convinced we're looking at a solid 10/10 outfit! 😂

All jokes aside, it's evident that Mr. Iyanya came prepared to perform and he chose to deliver both style and comfort for his. And boy, did he deliver! Owning the stage with his captivating performance.

And finally, we have Musa Keys, that classic turtleneck and chain combo. I don’t think I have ever seen a man go wrong with that combo, regardless of the length of the sleeves!

Then he added the leather pants. He looked like an absolute rockstar.
A timeless winner!

Keeping it 100 daytime was blissfully warm, it felt like a lovely Saturday afternoon in the scorching summer sun of December,  until the sun had set, but we love a good ol’ freeze & shine! 😂🤭

But not the men - and some of the girlies-  they came prepared in the heavy jackets and hoodies! But we were all caught off guard by the rain.

As for my outfit choice:

I went with sneakers and a jumpsuit. If you ask me? I will almost always go for comfort over style but it’s Raha Fest! 

Why sacrifice style when you can have both? However, navigating a jumpsuit in those portable toilets was a challenge I forgot I would have to overcome. We live and learn, right? 😂


As I wrap things up, I'm curious—what's your go-to outfit look? Are you all about comfort, style, or a perfect blend of both? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Special Shout out to Brian Kinywa for letting us get a close up view of the artists!


By Vanessa L Okello




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