Sowairina by Vivo

After 5 years of a partnership with our Brand Ambassador, Grace Msalame, we came together to birth a new brand, Sowairina By Vivo. The brand has been a labor of love, between the two parties and has been in the works for the past few months.

The mini-brand has released it's first collection titled ZaRa, after Grace’s twin daughters, Zawadi and Raha who she says are not only her greatest love, her but biggest inspiration and felt this was a perfect way to celebrate them.

Sowairina by Vivo

This is the first collection of many and we can't wait to see where this journey takes us. See some amazing looks from the collection here but in the meantime, here is a message from Grace Msalame...

"Sowairina By Vivo is almost like a journey of coming full circle
After a 5-year partnership as a Brand Ambassador to my favourite local clothing line Vivo, this is very close to my heart.

Finding clothes, fabrics, cuts and styles that fitted right, felt comfortable and suited my body frame was a challenge to do so before I discovered Vivo. I finally felt like I found a brand that see’s me, acknowledges me and celebrates me, so our partnership for me was always born out of love. 🤍

To see our partnership grow to this level fills my heart with joy and is an extension of my genuine love for the brand, love and celebration for women and love and celebration for fashion.

So as we celebrate Women today and every other day, my gift to you is this capsule collection for the working woman who also likes to have a bit of fun; so depending on where you work you can find something for the office and also something for a dinner or cocktail after hence the structured looks and cuts with a few flowy weekend dresses.

They all follow a cross-over pattern theme if you notice, because not only is that detail cute but as women with all the roles we play as Wife, Mother, Career Woman and within each role comes with many layers like doctor to your kids, chef, driver name it!
And we do it all with Grace and a whole lot of prayer and support system. 🙏🏾

So I hope there will be something for everyone that you can dress up or dress down and match them up with other pieces from your wardrobe.

Lastly this labour love, this debut collection, is titled ZaRa, named after my twin daughters because they are not only my greatest love but my biggest inspiration and the first two women I minister to each day so through this I celebrate my little girls as well.

To the whole Vivo Team who worked on this collection with me from infant stage;- Redempta, Florence, Steve, Edna, Brian and of course Shelmith and Sombo and not forgetting the MD whom I truly respect and admire Wandia Gichuru, thank you so much for taking a chance on me, thank you for believing in me, thank you for guiding me, challenging me, showing me the ropes and welcoming me into the Vivo Family!
Team-Work makes the dream work and this new baby is here because of you all! 🤗


-- Grace Msalame


  • asuiyayefek

    ] Gafawoh

  • onecusele

    ] Ehofiziw

  • Catherine Kiruki

    Am glad to see more stuff. Love The Vivo brand and wish you God’s blessings in all your endeavors

  • Beatrice

    Congrats…they are very beautiful., Hope to see more. I wish you all the best and hope it will grow

  • Millicentmm

    This is wonderful . Vivo changed my dressing style and that of my daughter who is 13 . Are these clothes available?

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