Staying Uplifted During Quarantine

Hello fam, how are y’all doing? :)

I know by now you’ve probably washed, washed and washed your hands until they are nearly turning pale right?
You’ve probably also watched all the shows on Showmax or Netflix, at least twice right? 🙃
Have you been feeling like your mojo went off to quarantine somewhere else? Join the club.

Here are a few tips to boost your enthusiasm during this quarantine period:

  1. Take a shower

Do the little things that were the norm or were part of your daily routine like taking a shower twice a day. This may have probably turned to once a day now because we’re not really going anywhere now, are we?

You can turn your showers into spa dates in your bathroom by using Ajani lathering body scrub and later leave your skin moisturized with some whipped butter from Ajani.

2. Do Some Exercise

Take morning or evening walks, runs, or jogs. Keep that adrenaline up during quarantine. You can also do some simple home workouts. It will leave you feeling way happier and improve your sleep quality.

3. Do the little things that uplift your mood.

These things could be as simple as wearing your watch in the house,or putting on some lipstick and doing your brows to just sit and chill. It works, trust me.

4. Get your comfy on.

Dress comfy during this quarantine with our oversized hoodies and joggers while in the house to uplift your soul. You know what they say about dressing up to feel good?

5.Protect yourself

Lastly, when you’re going out, make sure you wear your face mask everywhere you go, even for your runs.
Not only is it the law, it will save a life.

What have you been doing differently to uplift your mood during this quarantine?
Let us know in the comment section down below.

Keep safe.
Till next time

-- Wamuhu

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