November is No Shave November month. This month men forgo grooming in order to raise conversations and awareness on cancer. At Shop Zetu,  It is in our DNA to reaffirm our commitment to fighting types of cancer and to remind ourselves and all our customers of the importance of prevention and early detection. To raise awareness this month, Shop Zetu has partnered with the PinkforSheila Cancer Foundation, an initiative whose goal is to reduce the cancer mortality rates in Kenya by working directly with cancer patients and their families. 

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To support the PinkforSheila foundation,10% of all sales made from Shop Zetu's No Shave November collection will be donated to support the initiative.

About the PinkforSheila cancer foundation

Michelle Ngei launched the foundation to commemorate her sister, Sheila Mutanu, who battled and unfortunately succumbed to cancer.

Sheila’s story as told by Michelle

“Sheila Mutanu was 24 years old when she was diagnosed with Metastatic Stage IV Breast Cancer in March 2020. We first learned of the lump when she was in High School but after examination, the doctor assured us that the lump was due to her changing hormones.

In January 2020, she started developing severe leg and back pain and after numerous tests, they found out that breast cancer had spread to her bones. Her treatment was mostly Radiotherapy and Hormone Therapy.

In September 2020 she started improving but in December she started having serious headaches that were later discovered to be a tumor in her head. Surgery was later done in February 2021 to remove it but she did not improve. She started developing complications like Anemia and low Oxygen levels. Further tests were done and it was discovered that the cancer had spread to her lungs and liver. Sheila later died on 15th June 2021.

I started PinkforSheila because of the struggles we went through as a family i.e. before Sheila's diagnosis, during treatment, and even after she left us. Some of our struggles revolve around Financial Support and Emotional Support.”

PinkforSheila's sole purpose is to;

  1. Educate people about the different types of cancer,
  2. Promote early detection,
  3. Offer support to people living with Cancer, and
  4. Advocating for better cancer care.  

10% of all sales made from Shop Zetu's No Shave November collection will be donated to support the following cancer patients:   

  1. Samuel Waweru- 24 Years.

Samuel was a Meat Supplier at Burma Market, Nairobi.

In September 2022, He noticed a lump on his left hand but was later treated with antibiotics. Three months later the same lump reoccurred on his left leg just below his knee. Tests were done and he was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML).

He is currently under medication and the Oncologists are conducting further tests and procedures at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). Since his diagnosis, he has had to stop working because of severe pain. This has affected him financially and psychologically.

  1. Benard Mwangi Gaita – 59 Years.

Benard lives in Chokaa, Ruai. He worked as a driver until 2010 when he started his small business.

In August 2021, he started complaining of body pain and discomfort and was later diagnosed with Stage IV Prostate Cancer. He has since been put on chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He has had 5 sessions of Chemotherapy and 30 out of 35 sessions of radiotherapy.

His condition is slowly deteriorating and has developed high blood pressure and can no longer hold his urine. He is currently on adult diapers and immediate care.

The disease has affected him mentally and socially. Due to his condition, he has been isolated from most of his family and friends.

Shop the No Shave November collection to support cancer awareness this November. Thank you for being part of such an important cause!


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