Transitioning From Lounge Wear to Work Wear

The era of Covid-19 has adversely affected many cycles and sectors of our lives and when it comes to how we dress, that has not been spared either! No one would have ever imagined that wearing lounge wear on a conference call with your colleagues would have been considered as an, ‘OK’. Our desire to buy lounge wear was unmatched and we filled our closets with the most comfortable clothing we could get our hands on.

This then begs the question if we at all are ready to counter the ‘Back to office wear’ era even as things begin opening up slowly. It was a sudden change of events that nobody anticipated and the best you can do is to be gentle on yourself as we navigate through this transition to normalcy. Well, here are a few ways, which can lessen the blow and help you cope up with your post quarantine fashion trauma with utmost grace.

  • Avoid heat generating fabrics.
  • Both our minds and bodies are trying to cope with transition. We may be stepping out of our houses but our minds are still programmed to comfort. Sticking to outfits that remind us of our favourite shorts at home is a good place to start. Obviously, in a working environment we cannot wear shorts. Replace them with a pair of lightweight pants from our Chiffon collection. They come in fun prints and go well with almost everything but a dress.

  • Stick to airy fabrics

  • Reclining on your soft lounge sofa with your laptop on your lap gives a more lavish working posture than those sitting chairs in your office. Right?
    Well, the best way to cope with this is to wear airy dresses such as our Vivo Tent Dress. Not only will it allow you to move freely, but also make you think the same way.

  • You must own linen

  • God bless the soul that discovered linen. A fabric so comfortable, that it makes being naked an understatement. A classic pair of linen shirt and denim is a global symbol of fashion that any expert approves, blindfolded. If you haven’t got your hands on that perfect shirt yet, you can check out the Velvet printed shirt, and you will be dancing your way to work.

  • Dresses are your new favorite
  • Often times is quite difficult to achieve a cute feminine look and comfort at the same time. Fascinatingly, the Velvet Shirt dress will help you achieve both! Paired with a pair of sandals you are ready to rock your Friday at work post quarantine - without a glimpse of discomfort yet looking like a whole darn snack

    The best way to enter the post quarantine era is to dress like being at home, just a little less homeless and a bit more comfortable, without compromising on style. With the above tips, you shall be able to make a wise decision to redo your wardrobe and get ready to rock your post quarantine look.

    -- Shelmith Maina

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