Vivo Visits Rescue Dada Centre - Pangani.

As explained by Anne (an administrator at the centre) Rescue Dada started in 1992; established to support girls aged between 5 and 17 from the streets as well as abusive or neglectful backgrounds.

Now being run by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi and supported by the German Catholic Church, the rescue effort depends heavily on fundamental networks set up by well wishers, community workers, religious institutes, local authorities as well as alumni from the centre who act as ambassadors and more easily convince their peers.

The social workers consistently visit these areas (mostly slums at night) to build relationships with the community and make it easier to assist the girl into transition into the centre that accommodates around 70 girls yearly.

Case workers follow strict procedures to ensure the child’s safety and best interests are at the forefront of the entire process. Local chiefs, the police and judges are involved throughout; case workers go as far as travelling to hometowns to get a better understanding of their familial backgrounds and upbringing.

Involved in healthcare, empowerment, counselling services, rehabilitation and foster care, the centre supports the girls to develop skills in sewing and hair care. Sponsored only until high school, these skills go a long way in enabling the girls to re-integrate into their communities after the year-long program with higher earning capabilities and a deeper sense of belonging.

Apart from financial support for food, toiletries and stationery, their most immediate needs are computers to assist them with comprehensive research, data collection, information storage and knowledge sharing with the appropriate parties.

--Nyambura Mbugua

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