Wandia Gichuru. Ceo, Vivo Activewear

Wandia Gichuru – CEO, Vivo Activewear
‘My idea of a power woman is a woman who is in touch with herself and doesn’t feel like she has to change who she is in order to please others or win approval from anyone. She is a woman who has a healthy relationship with herself.’
As we celebrate yet another International women’s day, it brings her joy, to watch her girls flourish in their early teens with so much confidence that they can do anything that a man can do. She is happy to be surrounded by power women all round her from her mother, to her friends and the women she’s had the pleasure of working with.
“If you are empty inside, you have less to give.” Wandia shares this, in reference to health and wellness. Finding a balance in life can seem far-fetched but you can be able to achieve more, give more and to put more effort into your priorities if you are healthy; so it all starts with you taking care of yourself.

When it comes to challenges women face when trying to progress in their careers, Wandia believes that we are our own enemy of progress, by not believing in ourselves. If we get over that fear of failure or fear of other people’s opinion then really, the sky is the limit for our goals and dreams.

Catch Wandia's full interview below.

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