What To Wear To A Wedding - Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Wedding season is upon us! A good amount of energy and time goes into selecting the perfect outfit for the occasion. Isn't it great that nowadays we can easily get comfortable and unique ready to wear pieces that save us from the hassle of hopping from tailor to tailor trying to get the perfect fit?!

With the COVID-19 restrictions, attending weddings online has become the new norm. Whether you're attending virtually or in person, it's important to honour the bride and groom by making sure you look and feel good on the day.

We've suggested a couple of ShopZetu looks that you wear on that special day!

1. Hekaya Asymmetrical Slip Dress

This dress is perfect for a wedding because of its pastel colour, the silk fabric and the asymmetrical bottom which adds a wow factor to the entire look. The spaghetti straps easily highlight your neckline and give it a more appealing touch!

Accessories: Style your hair up and wear a cute choker.
Shoes: Add a pair of nude sandal heels for a complete look.
The kids can get away with a simple look; one that they'll be comfortable in through the whole event.

As the name suggests, the dress gives a rich, authentic African feel especially in the royal blue colour. The dress also comes in mustard yellow, red and black. It’s an elegant off-shoulder dress, with pockets :D that comes with a matching belt; which you can tie creatively to give your waist that snatched look.

Accessories: Wear a beaded Walove Amani chocker
Shoes: A pair of nice strappy heels will do

4. African Yuva Nekessa Infinity Dress

The Nekasa infinity dress can be worn and styled in multiple ways, which makes this dress a plus and a major consideration for your wedding attire. It comes in white and a mustard print options. We love the thigh high slit which allows you to show of some leg adding an edge to your entire look.

Shoes: This dress can be worn with either sandals or heels

4. For Gents

The gents are good to go with a simple yet unique shirt that stands out, a good pair of khaki pants and the right shoes (and scent ;) Ankara print shirts are always an ideal choice like this Kidosho

5. For Keeps Slinky Bardot Sleeve Wide Leg Jumpsuit

You may not be a huge fan of long dresses or dresses in general. Here's the perfect jumpsuit to suit the occasion. Jumpsuits are cool but make sure to avoid drinking too much fluid during the special day.

The wide-leg element and the off-shoulder effect adds a wow factor to the whole ensemble making your curves visible in an elegant and classic way. You can style this jumpsuit with a belt.

5. Vivo Lindi Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

This dress is perfect for a garden wedding because of its vibrant colour options. It also comes in both maxi and a knee length, giving you the freedom to choose what suits you most.

All items are available on www.shopzetu.com! Simply click on the item title to be redirected or type the name of your favorite outfit on the search bar.

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