What’s In Your Holiday Travel Bag?

The festive holidays are here and the countdown to Christmas (and a few days away from the home office desk) have begun! While the holiday travel traditions may look a little different this year, we understand that being locked up within four walls and hopping from Zoom call to Zoom call - for nearly a whole year has been quite the experience. So, a short, close knit, safe trip to the beach isn’t such a bad idea right?

Well, if you’re going to go ahead with it, be sure to stay safe, do thorough background checks on whether where you’re staying is MOH compliant and if they've gone the extra mile to put in measures to reduce the spread of the virus and if they’ll be limiting guests and contact in common areas.

Now that you have that sorted, here's where we come in; with a quick list of what you need in your holiday travel bag to ensure that you have a stress free, holiday trip.

A couple of reusable, environment-friendly face masks

Need we say more on this? Probably not!

L-R : 3 Ply Kikoy Mask, Dark Grey 3 Ply Mask, Goodtime Cap With 2 Ply Mask, Kids Animated Mask

A good carrier bag

You need something that will comfortably fit all your items, something that is light and easy to handle and an alternative for your day excursions where you'll carry around the essentials like hand sanitizers, extra masks, hand lotion and your sunscreen.

L-R : Crafts With Meaning Toiletry Bag, Nisisi Jumbo Duffel Bag, Odells Mini Backpack, Vintara Fanny Pack

The Perfect Pair of Footwear

A comfy, lightweight pair of slippers that you can easily transition with from your early morning sunrise walks to catch the sunset to the evening open air dinners by the beach and a cute pair of vibrant bedroom slippers with the finest fleece for the ultimate comfort and warmth is a must have for any vacation. Lucky you, we have a versatile, stylish range to choose from. Plus, there are a number of options you can use all year round.

L-R : Sipdada Bobby Sandals, Azu’s Leather Ladies' Sandals, Kitu Kali Bedroom Slippers, Afrokiks Ankle Socks

A fitting pair of bottom wear

You can never go wrong with a quality pair of short shorts, some light satin pants or a free jumpsuit and fitting khaki shorts for the gents.

L- R : Men’s Fitted Khaki Shorts, Hijabeefied Long Satin Pants, African Yuva Aketch Shorts

Flowing Dresses

Pack a few light, simple dress options for your day trips and walks on the beach as you add one or two flashy options for the evening dinners by the beachside.

L-R : Vivo Tiffany Chiffon Kaftan Dress, Hekaya High Slit Maxi Dress, Flic en Flac Shift Dress, Vivo Maxi Satin Diras

A free flowing Kimono or Coverup

Kimonos are the ultimate lifesavers. Their multi-purpose, versatile nature is unmatchable! A girl's wardrobe isn't complete without one. Carry one to the beach and use it as a coverup or a throw over your outfit.

L-R : Vivo Maxi Waterfall, Vivo Tuni Sleeveless Waterfall, Kidosho Pambo Kimono, Hijabeefied Kimono

A Good Skincare Routine

The humidity and the heat at the Coast does a number to the skin especially if you don’t keep it moisturized and well cleansed. You’ll need to switch up your routine slightly to keep the glow up, but worry not.. We have a couple of items you need to add to your list.

L- R : K Beauty Rice Cleansing Foam, Buke Purple Tea Mask, Meka Avocado Oil (Scalp), Ajani Whipped Butter

What else will you be adding to your travel bag this month? If you've opted to celebrate making it to the end of one of the most challenging years in history at home with your family, worry not! We have a special collection for you too. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get the first update on our Christmas Collection. Happy Holidays!

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