What to Wear on Valentine's Day

Looking for something to wear other than outfits that would end up matching with the Valentine's Decor? Look no further because Shop Zetu has got you covered. 

We came up with a couple of oh-so-cute items that would be perfect for whatever plans you have for V-Day 😉 

1. Jumpsuits
Not too much of a dress person? For the perfect chic, class and even very comfortable fabric, jumpsuits are your next best friend. These are just a few pieces, The Variety we have is endless, look through here for more.   




2. Dressed To Kill
(For a Cute Date)
We have plenty of dresses and this would definitely be the go to option, just not the red cliché dress. Perfect fits that would look just as chic and stand out with statement jewellery and a cute pair of heels! 😍 Here are some more dresses you can pick from. 






(For Brunch with the Girls)
Most common outing would be the occasional Sunday brunch and how perfect is it that 13th actually falls on a Sunday? That's a definite sign if you ask us! 🥂
Brunch calls for comfort and style all incorporated together to bring in a touch of class and maybe a pop of extravagance 😉



3. For Our Gents
Other than the usual and expected decent-looking shirt and jeans, try something different like these sets from Dume Menswear. They are giving what they definitely should be giving and would look so good on him 😍


4. Stay at Home Dinner 
You prefer staying in and having an intimate dinner with your partner? Something cute and simple would definitely do but we got you covered for the afterparty too 😉 Take it a notch higher and surprise him with these sets from Intimate Kenya



You can always browse through Shop Zetu to see more items and get what sets your soul on fire! 🥂

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