We All Have Time To Plan For Weddings 💍💞

Lately I have been spotting a couple of Zoom ceremonies on my Instagram feed such as birthday parties, graduation ceremonies - even baby showers!

Without a doubt, I foresee couples being forced to rethink their wedding plans due to the corona-virus pandemic, presenting their guests with a whole new sartorial quandary.

Finding an outfit for an online wedding can be tricky enough, and that’s without having to consider whether it’s video call-friendly. Even your home video background should be taken into account when attending an online wedding otherwise your wallpaper maybe competing for attention in someone’s else event. No bride wants that!

If you’re invited to a wedding that’s been postponed until later in the year, you are in luck! Seize the moment and plan your outfit now. There’s no better feeling than being prepared.

Browse our collection of versatile dresses perfect for any wedding, virtual or otherwise.

Gone are the days when the Ankara print was only adorned by our aunties and mothers. It has quickly become a designers’ favorite piece of fabric to work with and not only are they creating styles that have become appealing to the younger folks as well, but it has made its way to high end fashion runways in the western world. Join the party by getting yourself this coat - with its beautiful prints and bell sleeves you will be among the best dressed wedding guests.

Thank me later! 🤗

Floral prints add a feminine touch to an outfit and a hint of romance into the air.

Speaking of romance, this dress instantaneously qualifies as a wedding or date night staple. Missing out on these floral dresses is definitely a crime so get your game on and shop for the same.

Head wraps are the cherry on top. Literally! They have the ability to take any outfit from looking drab and boring to exquisite. Looking like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine doesn’t have to be that difficult. Get this attention grabbing accessory and turn heads without having to put much effort.

Sometimes, for varying reasons you don’t feel like wearing a dress. You totally don’t have to—consider a jumpsuit as an alternative. The beauty in a jumpsuit is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look appropriately dressed at a wedding. Jumpsuits are just as dressy and formal as a dress, but give you the flexibility to move around as you please.

(This is especially important if you’re looking to show your best moves off on the dance floor 😅)

Check out this stunning off-shoulder maxi with a high slit. It manages to show a subtle amount of skin without revealing too much which makes it special and unique. It can also be worn as an alternative to bare legs and still achieve that romantic look and feel.

Get your favorite pair of strappy heels and voila - you are wedding ready!

--Shelmith Maina

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