Who Is The Vivo Woman?

One day when the Vivo team was brainstorming in the boardroom, a question was raised; “Who is the Vivo Woman?” A pen and paper were drawn out and we excitedly brought to life a depiction of a woman we quickly realised we all know. That we were in fact, that Vivo Woman. She is ‘imperfect’ this woman, and that makes her all the more determined and amazing.

The Vivo Woman has great energy that you want to be around - she is vibrant, confident and self-aware. She values her relationships and her loved ones know she cares deeply for them. The Vivo Woman is classy and sophisticated, intelligent and creative, bringing this to work and play. This is a woman who is feminine and sexy.

She is a multifaceted being that explores life as a friend, wife, mother, sister, boss - she is more than one thing with a life twined with other women.

Like a tree whose branches wind around each other and you cannot tell where it starts or ends. This is a woman who keeps learning and unlearning herself. She is constantly growing, and in the process, teaching other women. So then, what happens when you bring powerful Vivo women together?

The answer is magic, that’s what!

The Vivo woman empowers other women, building and supporting them because she has been empowered, built and supported by others. She plays well in the corporate world, her career or with her business. She listens to the wisdom of her mind and body. The Vivo Woman could be the woman who is reading this and thinking she is not as wonderful. Except she is. She is committed, loyal, daring and flirty. She experiences a wide range of emotions; she is only human because she is loving, she is also powerful beyond measure.

A Vivo woman sometimes needs reminding that being sensitive also makes her empathetic and emotionally aware of herself and others. While she has spent her life becoming, she has learnt to be outspoken and courageous. She will stand up for others and herself. She possesses a generous spirit, is loyal to her people, a woman who is dependable, gentle and kind.

Her passions run deep, and underneath all the things you can't see her struggle with every day, lies a fierce energy. She is tough, and she is a survivor with stories to tell and hard-worn battle scars to boot.

That is the Vivo Woman.

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  • Maureen Wanjiru

    I love how@vivo empowers the femininity in women. To stand to their worth and be proud of who they are. I am a vivo woman. I am immovable.

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