Yasmin Af. Style & Lifestyle Content Creator

She's a style & lifestyle content creator with a vibrant vlog, and a loyal following of fans. She's oh-so-photogenic and we had such a blast with her at this shoot!

What’s the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?

Look at my phone. I know it’s a bad habit. (laughs)

You'd never leave the house without...?

Lip gloss/ lip balm. Nobody likes ashen lips.

One thing you spend too much money on?

Makeup and shoes.

Your personal style is...?

Modest. Playful . Lots of personality and timeless

Who's your number one fashion inspiration?

Victoria Beckham for her chic style.

When did you start blogging and what's a key takeaway from your experience so far?

I started in 2017/18. Be yourself. Trying to be someone else will never take you as far. That person already exists so why would people follow a version of somebody else?

What's your creative process like?

Planning takes up most of my time. Sometimes I'll envision a look and it looks so good in my head until I try it on. (laughs) I plan by writing the looks and places I would shoot at down, then try on the outfits.

Would you say being a 'modest fashion' blogger has helped to narrow down competition for you?

Yes. It’s such a niche. Girls like me still want to see themselves on YouTube, on TV, and on magazines.

Your favourite fashion magazine?


Your favourite travel destination?

I’m such a sucker for tropical destinations. I'd like to visit Bali one day, for its dreamy beaches, stunning rice fields & its rich culture.

The most exciting person you've ever met?

Myself. The new, confident me. For the longest time, I was shy about my work and the things I do until I broke out of that shell. It was amazing.

One person you'd love to meet?


How do you maintain a work-life balance?

A planner and google calendar.

Would you say you've mastered social media?

Not yet. It’s always growing and changing, so I don’t think anyone has mastered it yet.

But how do you not let the social media stats get in your head?

I don’t do what I do for the numbers; it’s as simple as that. If I could inspire even one person, I'm content with that.

Your current fashion obsession is?

Neon and pastels.

One thing your followers would be surprised to hear about you?

That I practice on my Snapchat before filming my videos, to boost my confidence.

One thing you haven't gotten around to doing but would love to?

Sky diving!

The greatest life advice you've ever received?

Do it. The hardest step is to begin.

Advice to anyone who wants to get into the content creation space?

 I have tons of advice but a critical one is letting go of things and people that don’t serve your purpose anymore.

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