Your Perfect Valentine's Look ❤️

It’s the cubic season everybody.

What plans do you have on Valentines Day/ Weekend? Girls night out? A night all cosy with a good book? A movie night? Date night with your better half?

Looking for what to rock at times can be quite hard. Especially if you want to make an impression. As women, we can have a closet full of clothes but can’t find anything to wear. I'm sure we all concur on that. Lol. 😄

But worry not because we got you covered with our latest Valentines collection:

Maxi It Up.

This dress comes in three different colours: black, navy blue and a rusty orange. It’s the type of dress that you can easily transform from church girl to a date night. Put on some classic heels, give some thigh coverage and you’re good to go!

The #BossBabe Look

Just been in back to back meetings and you don’t feel like going back home fora change of clothes? Worry not! This look speaks class and edge in one sentence. Black and white with a touch of red shoes will do the trick.

The All-White Outfit

If you’re not a fan of red. An all-white outfit will do. Add your edgy heels, a simple accessory and you’ll be turning heads!

Black It Out

You know what they all say about black... You can never have too much of it in your closet! However a plain black can also be too safe. Spice it up with one of our Ankara belts, accessorize and add a coloured pair of shoes.

Clothes aren’t going to change the world, The women that wear them will." - Anne Klein

Till next time, Yours truly,


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